What We Offer


Improving the Quality of Academic Advising

I use proven methods which allow me to comprehensively support students by developing trusting, productive relationships. I approach advising using the “5 I” model of support:

Information: I will help you find or directly provide you the information you need to successfully navigate college.

Instruction: I will teach you how to find your way through college, how to make informed decisions, and explain complex policies and procedures.

Investigation: I will help you research problems and challenges you encounter throughout your college experience and find the solutions you need.

Interpersonal: I will listen to you and learn about your interests, goals, concerns. I will advocate for you when interacting with your institution.

Integration: I will help you tie it all together and plan for the future! By anticipating your needs, I can make recommendations for next steps.


Free 30 minute Consultation: Meet with Dr.Ohrablo to discuss your needs and available services.

Comprehensive Advising (60 minutes): This session is intended as an in-depth overview for new college students, as well as for continuing students to engage in academic, personal, and professional planning, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Ongoing Advising (30 minutes): This session is intended for established students to engage in academic, personal, and professional planning, address ongoing issues, evaluate progress, and ask pertinent questions.



Meeting your individual needs is a priority of My HigherEd Partner! We offer customized, flexible rates and payment options.

Hourly Plan:

Want to try us out first or just have a few questions? Sign up for the basic hourly plan, no obligation. You can always upgrade to a comprehensive account. All hourly payments will be credited to an upgraded plan upon request.

Ongoing Support Plan:

To develop an ongoing, supportive relationship with My HigherEd Partner, sign up for the ongoing support package. Perfect for a college semester! 10 hours for a 10% discount off the hourly plan!

Long-Term Support Plan:

Looking for long-term support? Sign up for the most cost-efficient plan. This will provide you the assistance you need throughout an academic year! 20 hours for a 20% discount of the hourly plan!