Partnering for Your Staff and Students' Success

Creative Solutions for Your Staffing Needs

Limited time, staff, and resources can make supporting and developing your advising team a challenge. My HigherEd Partner can support your employee development efforts in a number of ways!



“Dr. Ohrablo is an expert in the advising and has a unique ability to marry the theory with practical experiences and anecdotes that makes the training relevant for staff. We received so many positive comments from staff in the training!”

- Dr. Kimberly Elias-Cartwright, Manager of Strategic Initiatives, University of Toronto

“Sue has deep and wide subject matter expertise in academic advisors and immediately earned the trust and confidence of the audience due to her thorough knowledge of the theories, models and approaches to academic advising as well as her ‘hands-on’ & ‘on the ground experience’ which anchored her training in practical, relevant and relatable academic advising moments.” - Dr. Heather Kelly, Executive Director Student Life Programs & Services, University of Toronto

“I am a better advisor because of you.” - Coaching participant

"Sue was a knowledgeable and passionate presenter. She is able to clearly communicate how to institute and maintain high quality, student-centered operations to best meet the needs of our campus. I would highly recommend her!"
Lua R. Hancock, Ed.D.
Vice President, Campus Life and Student Success
Stetson University

"Dr. Ohrablo delivered an inspirational presentation to the University at Buffalo’s Academic Advising Administrators. The session provided an opportunity for us to identify opportunities to enhance services/support for our students and academic advising staff, and creatively advocate for positive change across campus. Dr. Ohrablo is a dynamic speaker and educator who has a great passion for her work."
Jacqueline Hollins,
Assistant Vice Provost and Director of Academic Advisement,
University at Buffalo, the State University of New York.

"I truly enjoyed the retreat, your style of teaching and views of the advising profession…It so important for me to attend presentations that are realistic and practical because that is what I can take back and use in our day-to-day services.  It is refreshing to listen to and learn from a presenter who gets it."
Loreta Vukadin
Director of Undergraduate Student Success and Retention
University at Buffalo School of Management

"Sue is very down to earth and relatable! Truly enjoyed Sue – would love to work with/for her. Her humor is awesome!"


My HigherEd Partner can help you design and deliver training and professional development opportunities to your advising staff. Choose from the method of delivery that meets your needs!

  • Workshops: My HigherEd Partner is available to provide customized training to your whole team on a variety of topics related to the theory and practice of academic advising.
  • On-Demand Training: Choose from a catalog of topics and schedule a timeframe for your team members to participate.
  • Self-Paced Training: Provide your team an opportunity to master advising skills and concepts on their own schedule.
  • Small Group Interaction: a great way to practice concepts and approaches with advising team members, facilitated by My HigherEd Partner. A great follow-up to workshops and training.


Timesaving: Choose from a broad selection of advisor training topics or request the development of a customized training program.

Customized to Your Needs: Select from the topics you want your advisors to master or request a customized program for your team.

Flexibility: Trainings can include lecture, small group work, individual reflection, and practice. Have your team learn when it is best for you and them!


Coaching 6

Do you have an employee who could benefit from individualized, supplemental support?

It can be challenging to find the time and resources to individually coach and support advisors. My HigherEd Partner can provide your advisors one-on-one, confidential coaching and support.


Expertise: coaching will be conducted by Dr. Sue Ohrablo, who is an internationally respected expert in the field of academic advising. Drawing on over 35 years’ experiencing advising students, training and supervising advisors, and publishing advising resources, Dr. Ohrablo can help your advisors develop and strengthen essential skills to effectively support students.

Timesaving: coaching sessions and conversations occur between My HigherEd Partner and the employee, freeing administrator time for other responsibilities.

Non-threatening: discussions between employee and My HigherEd Partner are confidential. My HigherEd Partner will focus on positively impacting employee performance while considering motivating and limiting factors impacting the employee.

Targeted Support: the employer and employee will identify targeted areas for growth and improvement.



Administrators are challenged with finding the time to evaluate advisors’ advising sessions, communication skills, follow-through, and student engagement strategies. Knowing how they’re interacting with students and what information and service they’re providing can be virtually impossible for a busy advising administrator.


Timesaving: My HigherEd Partner will develop assessments and identify strategies for improvement. Employers can use feedback to incorporate into annual performance appraisals.

Current and Ongoing: My HigherEd Partner can evaluate advisor performance on an ongoing basis (weekly, monthly, semesterly, annually) and provide administrators feedback and insight as to the employee’s performance.

Targeted Support: the employer and employee will identify targeted areas for growth and improvement.

Supplemental Student Support

Advising 2

Some students want or need more time than you can dedicate to them.

With limited staff and resources, it can be challenging to meet with each student as long or as often as you would like. My HigherEd Partner can partner with you and your students to provide individualized, one-on-one support. In consultation with advisors and advising administrators, My HigherEd Partner can help your students with:

  • Academic planning
  • Academic standing progress and tracking
  • Communication and problem-solving
  • Overcoming and managing obstacles